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Fellow Marine Musician,

We would like to extend an invitation for you to consider joining this active association of former and present Marine Corps Musicians. We publish a quarterly newsletter that is dedicated to furthering the camaraderie of all Marine Corps Musicians. It also provides a glimpse into our colorful history. We meet once per year in a general assembly to discuss the association affairs and once again, become Marine Corps Musicians. We visit, play, march, reminisce and attempt to bring honor and recognition to our members, past and present.

During past reunions, at Miramar Air Station, and Camp Lejeune, we have extended honors to members of the “Last China Band”, the survivors of Corregidor and 42 months of internment in Japan. At Camp Lejeune we honored those Marine Bandsmen who were part of the offensive at the Chosin Reservoir. In 2002, the Anaheim Angels saluted Marine Music and the MCMA.  2004 found us in Washington, DC, hosted by the Quantico Band.  At the 2005 Reunion we formed a Big Band and played some interesting charts led by Pat Longo. This was the beginning of a new tradition. Today we have reunions hosted by current field bands and participate in Birthday Balls and peruse through our history and embellish the stories of years and duty stations of old.  

Our dues are only $30.00 per year with an extended opportunity to receive six years membership for the price of five. Dues cover the cost of printing, mailing, donations to charity and Active Duty Marine Musician of the Year awards.

We hope you will consider membership in our association. After all, we are THE FEW, THE PROUD, THE MARINE MUSICIANS.
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