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The purpose of the association shall be:

1.) To unite once a year with those whom we shared our lives, activities, and fortunes in music while serving in the United States Marine Corps and to rekindle and maintain comradeship and Esprit de Corps.

2.) To keep abreast of the activities and the progress of our beloved Marine Corps by meeting on or near a Marine Corps facility that has a Marine Corps musical unit that we may tour and receive a briefing of that facility and its activities.

3.) To encourage and support the prudent use of music in the Marine Corps.

4.) To promote patriotism and Esprit de Corps.

5.) To acquire by gift, devise, purchase, lease, or otherwise, such real or personal property as may assist in the promotion of the purpose of the Association and to hold, manage, maintain, display, lease, sell, or convey such real or personal property in such manner and at such time as the Board of Trustees of the Association may determine.